Monday, 23 January 2012

another unusual extension/remodel

While I was catching up on all the photo files in the office the other day I came across these. A very unusual project whereby two buildings have been joined by an oak frame. 
I don't know much about the project but it seems from these pics to be very complicated and unique.
Perhaps it illustrates just how 'bespoke' Border Oak can be? It certainly crushes the myth (much loved and repeated by our competitors) that Border Oak only build 'standard' designs and that making frames by hand isn't accurate, adaptable or efficient. 
Will be interesting to see how this project looks once it it complete.

NB the first image is before work started - the last image is taken from roughly the same position

extending and remodelling

This is a project I cannot wait to see completed. A small barn that we have extended with two extra 'rooms' - both vaulted and with typical Border Oak detail such as a glazed entrance and inglenook fireplace. The existing building has also been remodelling with new dormer windows, added framing and a new roof.

I love this old wall - which will give texture and visual interest and works especially well against the new frame. Looks like it might take a bit of work to knock through...............

A 'cruck' frame of sorts (the arched timbers) with a fireplace at the end and french doors onto the garden

The new roof makes huge difference to the overall look - adding visual coherence and ensuring that the old building isn't the 'poor relation' (which can be a problem when adding to an old structure with oak framing)

I like the dipped ridge line of the central section which breaks up the linear layout and ensures the original building is dominant.

But this is my favourite part - basically a large glazed porch with french doors and glazed gable. Mmmm!

Another lovely project that I will try to update you with as the weeks pass by.