Monday, 27 July 2009

brochures, brochures, brochures

Today I am trying to work on the new, long over due, Pearmain Cottage brochure but Minerva, my beautiful 4 year old daughter, wants me to watch her ride her bike 'twisty style', which sounds dangerous to me. What should I do? Allow her to perform death defying stunts on her Disney Princess bike unsupervised, while I faff around with photos, page layouts and calligraphy (aka 'working from home') or pretend to be part of her imaginary world where mermaids can indeed ride bicycles? mmmm, tricky one.

Anyway here are some of the bits I am playing around with for the new brochure...........
I'd better go an make sure no harm comes to Min.

I love this room. 
It is from a barn style house we built for a very dear friend of mine, who just happens to be super good at designing things. It is hard to imagine, but this room was completely empty about half an hour before we took these photos - we had a white van full of stuff from our own homes that we just piled in and played around with. Such fun and all in the name of 'work'.

lets give it a go

here goes...........
I am not even sure if anyone is really interested in what I have to say, but just in case you find yourself with nothing better to do I am experimenting with the world of  blog.  I will try to bring you progress updates of the new Border Oak eco showhouse, as well as news from the office and workshop plus some general self build, home and interiors stuff - anything that I come by that I think may fill the page really.

As always, I really value your comments and suggestions so please do get in touch. I'm off to drink my tea now........and please bear in mind that I am learning as I go!