Wednesday, 23 April 2014

more of the cottage renovation

Here are the latest pics of the Victorian cottage we are restoring in Pembridge.

This was the exterior back wall - now a huge opening to the new extension - all the brick work has been plastered and painted - an RSJ was inserted to create such a wide opening, but it was important that the new section was part of the kitchen and not just an addition.

 the photo on the left is the old kitchen, soon to be new kitchen. The photo on the right is the new bit, with roof lights flooding the old and new space with light.

leading from the kitchen is the stairs which have been stripped and painted. The walls of the landing were de-plastered, insulated & re-plastered.

the second bedroom has also been re-plastered and all the woodwork painted. The bathroom (right) has a new stud wall, but other than that is still a 'work in progress'.

 The main bedroom is lovely- very sunny and quite generous. I love the windows and window detail - Border Oak at our finest, if I do say so myself! We did consider saving the floor boards but they were too patched and so carpet is the way forward.

Window detail downstairs before painting - the moulding and beading a very delicious.

The new oak lean to extension will have French doors to the garden..........

and this is what you will find just beyond the garden..........(not Gabriel - the church!) We have replaced the rotten B&Q fencing panels with woven oak panels and there is a handcrafted oak gate to fill the gap.

Side of the extension is weatherboarded and painted

Stairs from the extension, towards the front door - you should get a view from the front door straight to the church beyond.

The Cottage has a  pretty remarkable location  - you can literally see the pub, medieval market hall, the village shop, the school, the church and rolling fields from the windows and are just a few footsteps from a network of really great footpaths, but yet away from the main road.

 Sitting room is pretty much complete - just a few bits to do. And the view from the front door to the new bit gives you a glimpse of the oak frame.

The garden is now ready for planting

The porch is complete - apart from the under boarding

So the externals are virtually complete - lighting, landscaping and a few odds and sods to complete

And now the tiles are down in the hall, kitchen and extension - looking amazing for not much money (about £15 a square metre)

The carpenters are back today to fit the French Doors and finish the T&G boarding, hang the internal doors, add bits of skirting etc. The Kitchen comes in May and Bathroom is already delivered. Probably a month or so of work to do and so I think I will leave the updates now until the completed reveal......complete with before and after pics!