Thursday, 20 December 2012

its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....apart from the flooding and rain

Here is a pretty brick cottage from Herefordshire, with an oak frame inside - dressed for a Christmas photoshoot (in the sun) built by Border Oak for a client (this is her third Border Oak house) who has also just set up a lovely homewares company Milton &Manor ( Phew, that was a long sentence!

We took the pics in September, when the sun shone and shone

so we waited 'til dusk to get a 'seasonal' atmospheric photo of the externals - what do you think?

The interior is light, neutral and tactile. A large hall leads onto the traditional sitting room

With exposed oak framing throughout

From the kitchen you get a sneaky peak into the utility room

With a blind made from Milton and Manor fabric (our client has turned her lovely portfolio of sketches into a great range of fabrics and homewares after struggling to find the right interior products for her Border Oak homes)

The kitchen dining room leads onto a garden room area and a little study nook - the ultimate living space for a modern family I think. Spaces to cook, eat, sit, read and work but in one light, bright open room.

Milton and Manor have cushions, footstools, mugs, cards, fabric, bags, tea towels..............

 and wrapping paper (see above and below)

A lovely oak post and brace to distinguish the 'zones' - works well as an architectural feature and for texture and interest

Simple shaker units and vintage accessories

And the best bit about styling a photoshoot is eating cake and drinking tea

Could it get any more cosy than this?

A clever little area created from the eaves over the garden room - great for grandchildren sleeping over

a lovely, simple and fresh bedroom with Milton and Manor cushions to add colour

a sweet and simple bathroom

and it really was a lovely sunny day as you can see from the light flooding in - we had a great couple of days dressing and shooting this beautiful Border Oak cottage for winter to share with you all.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas - best wishes, Merry

Wednesday, 12 December 2012's frosty

I know the frost looks pretty but I can't help feeling sorry for all of our builders who are working in the chilly weather. I can only imagine how far away the sunny days of summer must feel to them, as I sit in my lovely and toasty cottage. I definitely appreciate the super insulation, underfloor heating, double glazing and wood burner of my Pearmain Cottage when things turn Arctic. 

Here are a couple of photos taken yesterday of a farmhouse we are building in Herefordshire. A very handsome house I think - with great views all around. It should be finished within the next month or so - if they weather holds.