Saturday, 17 September 2011

oak potting shed

Border Oak build all sorts of oak framed buildings and have an outbuildings division specialising in oak framed garages, barns, swimming pool covers, cartsheds, oak gazebos etc etc.
And here is  the latest to add to the portfolio - a pretty oak potting shed built in my parents meadow

 Luckily I was able to borrow a dog and a blond haired angel for the day - the dog went home with his owner and I kept the cute boy for myself.

Charlie the dog (who belongs to my mum friend was the BEST doggy model you could ask for and only wanted an ice bun as payment) and Gabriel got on like a house on fire (not a Border Oak house on fire mind you - oak is self charring which extinguishes the flame and only burns very slowly and structural oak actually out performs steel in fire tests).
Gabriel walked up and down, up and down, up and down for the photographer and was very grown up about it all.

My lovely little studio  -  the broadband is faster in the meadow than in my house!

We had a great couple of hours taking these photos and Gabriel and Charlie were perfect - I hope you like the photos of my perfect little oak framed potting shed. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

This house is on BBC1 - Friday 16th Sept - 11am

Watch the this project from start to finish - on BBC 1's To Build or Not to Build.

This house is based upon the Pearmain concept (that was first seen 10 years ago on Grand Designs - which starts a new series tonight) but with many bespoke additions, alterations and specifications. The TV crew followed the brave couple on their self build adventure and I cannot wait to see the programme.

The family are very lovely and I wish them a million happy memories in their fabulous new oak framed house. Here are the photos..........

These pics were taken a matter of weeks after they moved in - I think it looks very established and mature already

The house is super insulated (as are all Border Oak houses) with passive solar design and solar panels and an air source heat pump

The garage has a large room above and is three bays deep - more a barn than a garage

how good is this space? light, spacious, unexpected but cosy.

 Another Clearview Stove in a Border Oak house - some partnerships really do endure!

From the kitchen looking through to the 'garden room'. I like the mixture of oak framing throughout this house - more than a usual Pearmain but not so much that it overwhelms.

Looking back towards the kitchen

and into the utility room

The hallway - lovely to see a different approach to the interior with painted woodwork and a mixture of striped carpet and chequerboard tiles. Self Build should always reflect the owners personality.

There is a full exposed oak frame in the sitting room which has  lovely ochre yellow paint.

And there is a ground floor bedroom and bathroom so the house has true longevity and flexibility

the rood lights make a huge difference to the landing space

And all the bedrooms have large fitted storage areas

with glamourous bathrooms!

I hope you enjoy the TV show - this will also be a case study on the new website in a few days time. Speaking of which, what do you all think of the new site? be kind................

Thursday, 8 September 2011

new border oak website

Well guys, I think it is now live - but please bear in mind that it is only 'phase one' and may have a few bits and bobs that need tweaking. Obviously I would love your feedback but please be kind as I have had sleepless nights and a nervy tummy for quite a while now!

The actual website 'builder' is away for a long holiday at the moment (he hasn't been sectioned but I know I was an option after a few missed deadlines) so some aspects can't be completed until after his return but if there are bits missing or subjects you want more of just let me know.

There are hundreds of photos and plans to browse but over the next few months we will add more information and technical detail as well as more case studies and regular news updates. We also have mood  boards, self build diaries and a brochure depot to add so that our virtual 'shop window' is as useful and inspirational as possible. I hope to add video footage and interactive areas at a later date - all suggestions are up for discussion.

So, there it is, more than a year of my life, the most difficult thing I have undertaken bar childbirth (frustrating, upsetting, exciting, educational, nerve wracking - the website that is not childbirth, in case any of you are 'with child') all there up on the world wide web..............scary!

PS Don't forget another Border Oak house is on To Build or Not to Build - BBC1 11am - Friday 9th.

here is the link for the first house that featured  - a beautiful Pearmain Cottage with a lovely country interior