Monday, 13 August 2012

blog off to another blog if you fancy a change

I am aware that I can be quite repetitive with this blog - it's all pretty much 'look how lovely this is!' or 'Isn't this just the most lovely house?', sometimes a bit of 'this is what I have done this week' sort of nonsense   - but almost always to do with houses (of the Border Oak variety). Sorry about that.

 The truth is that often I am parched for new things to tell you, mainly because I lead a very narrow life and am rarely exposed to anything remotely interesting. So I have decided to put a lot more time and elbow grease into unearthing more original and entertaining snippets of info - if you have any ideas of stuff you would like to see just send me a message below. It will make my life more interesting too?

And to kick off my new blog regime (which, like all 'new regimes' will probably last the best side of two weeks) I have sent you a link (above) to a blog written by a Border Oak customer, currently building their home. I think it will be fun to see how the house grows over time and how the process runs.

I can't tell you who it is or where they are because we want to protect the family's privacy but I can say that they house is a full oak frame 'cottage' (cottage in detail but very large in area), designed by the clients architect, and with a big basement. We are undertaking the full build for them and the project is being overseen by their architect and a Border Oak project manager in tandem. The site is incredible and was originally home to an horrid bungalow - so the new home will be a complete transformation I'm sure.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy their progress.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

new photos - number 1

We now have most of our new 2012 photographs sets - most were taken whilst the sun shone and the results are really lovely. I thought I would share some with you over the next few weeks.
Starting with this great manor house, just completed and beautifully finished by the owners who took on a lot of the construction work themselves.

Border Oak designed the house  - based on a classic double wing and two storey porch layout roughly arranged in an 'H' layout.

One wing is a blend of brick with oak frame above - the jetties really create interest and detail

Internally the finish is very light and follows a neutral palette with touches of glamour such as this huge crystal light which makes use of the vaulted ceiling and volume.

The exposed oak frame is a consistent internal feature but doesn't overwhelm the 'look' the owners have created. I think this is in part due to the palette of natural, muted tones and textures and the limited spectrum of colours.

The view through the lobby from the front door towards the open tread stair and full length projecting window

The kitchen has exposed ceiling joists but masonry walls - to ensure that the oak frame isn't hidden by the units.

At the other end of the kitchen is an informal  dining space with a large window.

The sitting room is an elegant but comfortable room with an exposed brick feature inglenook. I love the way the room is naturally bright and light but yet still cosy and atmospheric.

I also like the lack of door - so you can see into the vast hall. This helps share light and the feeling of space. The continuity of colours and floor coverings and textures really works when you open the flow of a house this large.

The hall is absolutely huge! great for parties, christmas and community meetings! The long window brings in so much light - no artificial lights were used for these photos at all.

Another angle of the sitting room - I wanted to show you the projecting window bay (to the right hand side) The windows are bronze casements with leaded glass.

So, all in all a very lovely, light and special family home with a great mix of smart contemporary country styling. I am using some of these fab images in the new (well, reprinted) Border Oak brochure and hope to add this house as a case study on the website very shortly.

coming soon - a pair of cottages side by side.