Monday 27 July 2009

brochures, brochures, brochures

Today I am trying to work on the new, long over due, Pearmain Cottage brochure but Minerva, my beautiful 4 year old daughter, wants me to watch her ride her bike 'twisty style', which sounds dangerous to me. What should I do? Allow her to perform death defying stunts on her Disney Princess bike unsupervised, while I faff around with photos, page layouts and calligraphy (aka 'working from home') or pretend to be part of her imaginary world where mermaids can indeed ride bicycles? mmmm, tricky one.

Anyway here are some of the bits I am playing around with for the new brochure...........
I'd better go an make sure no harm comes to Min.


  1. Hi Merry, Ive seen your beautiful home in countless interior magazines and Grand Designs, I love both the homes you have had, your style is gorgeous. My husband and self would love to build our own house and yours are defintaly inspirational. Looking forward to reading your blog........Claire
    PS Did your little one do any death defying stunts :-) x

  2. Hi - I am so excited that someone read it! thankyou thankyou thankyou!
    Minerva rode into the neighbours hedge and then we decided a helmet was sensible.......!
    Thanks also for your kind comments - I will do my best to make the blog interesting!