Thursday 22 October 2009

a bit on the side

It's not uncommon for Border Oak to go back to past clients homes to add extensions. The owners may want to create more space as a family have grown but often it is to build a sunroom or simply because the money tree has been generous. Luckily oak frames are pretty easy to extend both in a practical sense and also aesthetically. Here are some recent extensions Border Oak have added. 

 I will try to be back to my blogging best (as bad as that!) next week as the one brochure goes to print on Monday and the other is coming together. Stress free times ahead.......... (touch wood, oak of course)!

The left hand of this building is the original bungalow - transformed with a new roof, windows, porch and rendered facade - and the two storey green oak extension sits quite happily against it.
The original brick house was already pretty, but quite narrow and tall for the beautiful site and so the extension needed to match the height (so the internal spaces would work) but also provide a great width and balance. The weathered boarded barn was added to the other side to give a graduated roof line and soften the profile of the greatly enlarged property.

Border Oak added this sunroom to a cottage we had built a few years ago  - we have also built some further outbuildings and oak garden structures at the same property - and, according to Ed the project manager, it is all immaculate and very impressive indeed.

You can see that we have added both an oak framed garden room and two storey extension (including double jetty and attic rooms) here - we built the original farmhouse as phase one, the sunroom with interesting roof configuration as phase two and the large extension to the left as phase three. I think it is a hugely successful overall project - see below for a before shot. 
It really looks as if the three parts are a unified whole and I hear from Mark, another of the Border Oak project managers, that the completed house is really wonderful (do you sense an element of competition from the PM's?)

p.s Thankyou to mark, the aforementioned PM, for the fabulous photo I have used in my blog banner - a lovely scene over the River Wye.


  1. Hi Merry
    Really love the picture of the sunroom attached to the cottage built a few years back, do you have anymore pictures of that cottage???, particularly interested in the leaded windows against the cottage windows and which look better

  2. I think I do somewhere - I will seek them out and post them here.We are doing other projects for the same family so I have more of the garage and the house coming soon. Will add them asap.

  3. Thank you Merry this would be very much appreciated