Thursday 8 September 2011

new border oak website

Well guys, I think it is now live - but please bear in mind that it is only 'phase one' and may have a few bits and bobs that need tweaking. Obviously I would love your feedback but please be kind as I have had sleepless nights and a nervy tummy for quite a while now!

The actual website 'builder' is away for a long holiday at the moment (he hasn't been sectioned but I know I was an option after a few missed deadlines) so some aspects can't be completed until after his return but if there are bits missing or subjects you want more of just let me know.

There are hundreds of photos and plans to browse but over the next few months we will add more information and technical detail as well as more case studies and regular news updates. We also have mood  boards, self build diaries and a brochure depot to add so that our virtual 'shop window' is as useful and inspirational as possible. I hope to add video footage and interactive areas at a later date - all suggestions are up for discussion.

So, there it is, more than a year of my life, the most difficult thing I have undertaken bar childbirth (frustrating, upsetting, exciting, educational, nerve wracking - the website that is not childbirth, in case any of you are 'with child') all there up on the world wide web..............scary!

PS Don't forget another Border Oak house is on To Build or Not to Build - BBC1 11am - Friday 9th.

here is the link for the first house that featured  - a beautiful Pearmain Cottage with a lovely country interior


  1. Poodles.......cant see it on my i-phone, cant get adobe reader on it, have to wait ti on pc as my 12 year old is hogging it!! Cant wait to see it! Well done on finishing it x

  2. Wow, Im on here now, its fantastic. One of the best websites I've been on, well done. The pictures feel like I've stepped into a Border Oak home. Im going now before you think Im a stalker :-) x

  3. Thank you so much Claire - you have made my day. It has been quite stressful over the last week just trying to get 'something' up and running and I am so happy that it gave you the feeling of stepping into one of our houses - perfect. Thank you!
    And I am working on a HTML version for the ipad/iphones so hopefully you won't have to wait for 12 year olds!
    And I have lots of exciting ideas to expand the site - but looking forward to having a small break from websites for the weekend - and then back to it. thanks again, it means an awful lot to me. x

  4. Looks good - love the case studies...wonderful photos.

    Great blog too.