Thursday 16 February 2012

Survey Questions

Would you like to help me with a bit of research? It would be very useful for a couple of my projects if you could answer these three questions.....

1. Where did you first hear of Border Oak?

2. If we had a 'demonstration' home would you like to visit it?

3. Would you be interested in attending seminars/workshops/courses in subjects such as sustainability, architectural design, interior/landscape design, construction, heritage skills etc?

You can either leave a comment here or email me at

I really appreciate your feedback and will use the information to help us put together some exciting projects for 2012.


  1. Hi, like many I first heard of Border Oak through your episode on Grand Designs and have been hooked ever since. Yes I would love to see a demonstration home and would love a workshop on your wonderful style and interiors, kitchens etc xx

  2. Also landscapes (one for hubby) x

  3. Hello Merry, like Claire it was the Grand Designs programme that first caught my attention and since then when the Pearmain appears in magazines I tend to buy them to add to my file of the house I one day hope to build! Demonstration home would be good to get a feel for size and potential options and I would really like interior info. A little while back I thought you mentioned having interior styling as a part of the Border Oak website? Small, seeming trivial, details such as paint colours are really useful to know so it gives an example of what you might want to achieve, a useful starting point, without having to buy endless sample pots to begin to narrow things down. Also really interested in heritage skills.

  4. Hi Merry, first time I heard of Border Oak was the Grand Designs episode as well (and a very good shop window it was too!) I would love to see a demonstration home, especially if it was no more than 30mins walk from a train station so I could get there easily. The seminars/courses etc probably wouldn't be for me as I am up in Scotland and it would be a bit of a hike, whereas a visit to a demonstration house that was open all the time, or by appointment, could be incorporated into another journey.

  5. i heard of border oak through another blog (paper mulberry) but then I realised I had seen your pearmain on grand designs series 3. I watched it last night again on DVD dreaming of relocating back to england to build one sometime in the future! lovely to read your blog and see that you and your husband are onto your next Border oak home with your two children now! Yes, I would love to see a demonstration house, what a great idea, they are always a great way to sell homes. My husband would definitely love to attend seminars/courses, I think he is dreaming of working for Border Oak if we move back over there from Australia! and I would love the interior design workshops. Thanks for a lovely blog, I love reading all your stories... ;-)

  6. Thank you HausStylish! You have a great blog too - and thanks for taking the time to read mine and leave your thoughts. And let me know if you are moving back to Blighty as you never know what jobs might spring up at Border Oak HQ. I will let you know how the plans come together for the demonstration home and lifestyle courses - everybody seems keen so it has given us plenty of inspiration.

    thanks again - it's lovely to hear from you (and everyone else who has left comments and sent emails or left notes on Facebook)

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