Sunday 2 August 2009

Acton Scott - a brilliant place just got better

the end gable of the Border Oak cartshed - as seen through the cottage garden

the preserved, but functioning farm yard

I promise that I didn't style this arrangement! 

A potting shed made by Border Oak, but built by volunteers, using bricks made at Acton Scott

The entrance to the farm  - through the spanking new green oak barn, designed and built by Border Oak 

ACTON SCOTT - Shropshire

I know the weather is just awful at the moment, but this weekend we decided to brave the rain and visit Acton Scott farm museum (aka The Victorian Farm from the BBC series) which is just up the road from us (well about 40 minutes away, but around here that is still considered local!)

And, as anyone who knows me will confirm, mud, animals and farms are NOT on my list of top ten favorite things to do, so I confess - there was an ulterior motive. And guess what?  They have some lovely new oak frame buildings at Acton Scott designed and built by............Border Oak!

The new buildings look fabulous and really are beautifully finished. I was so proud to see the finished project, because as a little girl we would visit Acton Scott often, and it is such  a unique place. But even if there had been no oak at all we would still have had a great time! It's so atmospheric - relaxed, yet interesting without being overbearing or overtly educational. And the most amazing part is how well they have managed to break free from the ridiculous 'health and safety' nonsense that often spoils things like this. There were no warning signs, tarmac ramps, safety cordons, height restrictions or signs saying 'no bombing' or 'no heavy petting'. 

Every little detail was so good looking without being contrived or too  'try hard' - rustic shabby chic at its finest! Lovely cobbled yards, gravel paths, hand made gates, and fab vernacular details everywhere you looked. Not to mention the happy, but completely unfazed, animals that happily wander around as if life was as good as it gets.

My favorite moment had to be Minnie looking strangely confused at the people dressed in Victorian costume whilst they stared back equally bemused at her shocking pink ensemble complete with plastic silver tiara. Worth getting wet for!

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