Tuesday 3 November 2009

too many cakes

Our beautiful son, Gabriel, was one at the end of September and the lovely Minerva was 5 at the end of October so we have had a lot of parties, presents and cakes at chez Albright recently. We moved into our house 4 years ago (on Minerva's 1st birthday) so it feels that a huge amount has happened here since then. 

Looking back on the photos of Min's 1st birthday the most shocking difference is the garden (which wasn't a garden at all 4 years ago - we didn't even have a front step, just a gaping 2ft jump) and how bare the house was - no rugs, photos, sofas or even kitchen table. 

Over time the layers of normal family stuff have grown, and we have accumulated more furniture, paintings and an embarrassing number of toys. It has happened so quietly that we didn't really notice, just as the hedges and trees have silently matured and thickened. And although I may get annoyed with the endless mucky paw prints on the Farrow and Ball paint, the trails of plastic squeaky toys and half eaten apricots,  looking back at the empty and sparse house we used to have I am so pleased that my little ones have helped us make a home.

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