Monday 4 January 2010

and then I saw this............!

Blimey! Two magazine articles in one week!

This is the house that features as the lead house in the February issue of Country Homes and Interiors and isn't it lovely? I haven't seen the magazine yet but there is a sneak peak on the CH &I website and it has got me all a jitter! It looks so enticing. 
CH & I magazine is really good if you like, well, country homes and interiors - but seriously, it's a very good magazine with a great images so I would recommend buying it even if we weren't in it.

The couple who live in this pretty cottage are incredibly nice people with a gorgeous tortoise called Darwin (who makes a guest appearance in the new Border Oak brochure) and so 'thank you' to Stephen and Elizabeth for everything - we are very grateful to you both.

p.s and thanks to Vivienne and the team at Country Homes - we really really appreciate your support and think the article looks fab.

The back of the house - Ben and I used to live next door

The house has settled into the village beautifully

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  1. thanks for letting us know your blog address and website, merry - beautiful images and stunning buildings!
    hope you get to grips with all the links and stuff.
    and hope that the mag article is good for border oak too - the house feartured is lovely.

    thanks again,

    sammy & glenn