Tuesday 19 January 2010

more heavy snow - but maybe it will bag you a prize?

I thought it might be fun to have an informal competition - and I promise to think of a lovely prize (or prizes!) So, here are the 'rules'..........

Do you live in or near a Border Oak house that would look spectacular in the snow? Perhaps you walk or drive past a Border Oak building that looks fantastic in the frost, or magical in the mist or wonderfully wintery in the early sun - if so take a photo, send it to me at merry.albright@borderoak.com and I will make a winter montage here on the blog. 
The best pics win a gorgeous prize or a donation to the charity of their choice (oh, ok, lets do both). 
Competition ends at the end of February.

'Marvellous Project Manager Mark' sent me the blog topper photo and this pic which are both quite amazing, but sadly not eligible because they are missing one vial ingredient - the Border Oak building (although strictly speaking those oak trees could, one day,  be a BO house .........)

Good Luck!

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