Tuesday 9 February 2010

and I would love one of these too

Ok - I think I will have to either find a new job or build another house as I just can't take the constant inspiration that keeps popping into my inbox - first the gorgeous barn and now this gazebo thingy - I am suffering badly from building envy.

Isn't this gorgeous though? Round things are understandably quite hard to make in oak (lots of mathematics and joining of grain etc) so we often need to test assemble in the workshop to check it 'in the round' as it were. Which means I get to see pics of the structures before they leave the workshop - fab. Doug, Chris, Joe and Joe have done a brilliant job - skillfully assisted by 'the husband' and the Silver Surfer of course.

This one is heading to Majestic Trees nr St Albans ( a wonderful tree nursery full of all sorts of mature trees and shrubs which would no doubt give me a terrible case of sapling envy - my garden is not big enough for gorgeous gazebos or towering trees sadly) as we are working with them on some display buildings and landscaping projects - worth clicking majestictrees.com to see how amazing it is.  I will let you know once the display buildings are ready and all you southerners can take a trip to see some trees.

oh  - and I nearly forgot - we have planning for the Border Oak contemporary showhouse - YEE HAW! let the fun begin!

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