Tuesday 23 March 2010

2010 NEC Show

Well, sigh, after all the hard work the annual Homebuilding show is over for another year.

And what a year it was - probably one of the busiest shows we have had, with so many lovely people and lots of fabulous projects. It is almost impossible to say how many houses you may have 'sold' during a show like this, for us it's not really about selling anything at all - but it is great to show people what we can do and to hear their thoughts and dreams. And it is always heartening to see that oak framing holds an enduring appeal for people well into the 21st Century.

We had lots and lots of great compliments about the stand and our displays - some from our 'competitors'  - some from past and present clients (it was especially wonderful to see you) and others from people just embarking on the idea of self build. I personally really love chatting to so many different people with all sorts of budgets and backgrounds. Thank you so much for stopping by and we will now work hard to get back to all of you who left your details. 

The star attraction was, by far and away, our incredible oak framed scaled model, made by Nathan (my cousin and one of our fabulous oak frame erectors who unfortunately broke his leg a few months ago). Based on one of our bespoke barn designs it really does have to be seen to be believed. 

Perfectly scaled and detailed it drew smiles from children and grown ups alike and provided a very realistic insight into a mini building project. Nathan toiled for months and months, making virtually everything himself, from the underfloor heating pipes to teeny tiny oak pegs.  The attention to detail and  craftsmanship was much admired (especially by our friends at Oakwrights  - hello Tim, who assures me he follows this blog closely!) and hopefully illustrates how unique craftsmanship and skill is at the very heart of Border Oak - machines can't do stuff like that!

After a safe return journey the model is  now on display in the office - a photo is below.

Here are a few of the stand pictures taking before the crowds arrived. I have some more to upload and will add them tomorrow with some of the best/weirdest/funniest stories of the show itself.

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