Wednesday 9 June 2010

one day.............

When I was at school my favorite subject, by far, was art. I even started an Art Foundation course after my A levels and toyed with the idea of studying Fine Art at Ruskin. But my father had visions of me scraping a meagre living drawing portraits of indifferent tourists in Firenze. And, in truth, I was never going to be good enough to charge the tourists money, so I switched to History of Art (much easier, less hours) and now scrape a meagre living working for my father! Any way the point of my ramblings is to introduce this gorgeous little studio that Border Oak built for an artist in Buckinghamshire.

One day, in my dreams, I will beg Mr A to build me a studio like this - and I will potter and paint and sew and stick and glue with Minnie Moo. And I will have a little shop downstairs and a holiday cottage out back. Perfect.

I love the grey door and cobbles , stainless steel barrel lights and grey painted stairs. And I LOVE the light in the upstairs studio.

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