Monday 31 May 2010

some new houses.......

Every now and then the project managers (the men in charge of the building sites and who organise the build schedules etc) will send me some pics of houses 'under construction'. I love this as I don't often get to visit the far away houses - and it helps me decide if I need to take professional photos later on. I thought I would share some of the photos I received in May.

The first illustrates the garden buildings we have provided for a show garden at Majestic Trees, nr St Albans. As one of the foremost mature tree nurseries in the UK, Majestic will be showcasing their design and landscaping skills at this wonderful new garden they are creating at the HQ - including, of course, lots of big trees - and an equally humungous lake by the looks of things. It will be open to the public so you can all pop along and see the gorgeous Border Oak garden buildings and buy a tree. Don't rush there yet though, still a bit of work to do..........

Ben found this photo on the internet - it's an extension we built last year. Would make a brilliant studio/playroom wouldn't it?

This next one makes me giggle - can you see the dinky bungalow to the right hand side? Well, I am guessing that as the new house is virtually complete the rickety old bungalow's days are numbered! I wonder if houses have feelings? This must be the equivalent of your husband leaving you for a younger, fitter, prettier woman. Awful. But at least the new house will be warm.......
Really looking forward to seeing the landscaping and interiors of this house as I already love the way it looks - a bit of glass, smidge of brick, lots or oak, painted windows, not too ostentatious, lovely plot.........uh oh, 'House Envy' alert.

And the house below is definitely on my House Envy radar - it is not too far away from here but I am too afraid to go and see it as I know that it is going to be nicer than our house. How do I know? Well in the weatherboarded barn section you can see here, there is a beautiful vaulted cruck frame, open to the rafters.........imagine the parties you could have in such a great huge room. And I LOVE the dark grey windows. It reminds me of the undercoat you often see when shop fronts are being repainted -and I have always been a tad peeved to see the top colour conceal the grey. The Border Oak showhouse will have dark grey windows like this too.

And finally this is the other side of the Bungalow Buster. Looks good from all sides I think.

Will post again in June - JUNE!! Where is the year vanishing to? Lord above, I will be 40 in the blink of an eye at this rate (well, 7 years to be precise). Can someone please slow things down?


  1. Hi love the new photos and your blog. big border oak fan, and out of interest have you had a show house built yet ? My parents are coming to herefordshire on holiday in july and just wondered if they could look. We are all thinking of moving that way (any pointers on no go areas?)as North Devon is becoming to crowded !! Work in property and I wish could find one of these to sell here !!!.

    best wishes

    vicki rowe

  2. Hi there!
    We do have a site for our show house, but it won't be ready for July sorry - we have to try and fit it in around houses for real clients and don't seem to have any spare time at the mo. I guess its good to be busy? But we are building a little cottage in a village called Eardisley that will probably be viewable (but maybe not finished) in July. Perhaps call the office nearer the time to check though. With regard to moving to North Herefordshire, to be honest most of it is lovely - it just depends what you are looking for. Some villages are very sleepy with very few facilities but there are some more vibrant villages (Weobley, Pembridge, Kingsland etc) with shops, surgeries and galleries etc that are still very beautiful. Border Oak have a 'plot list' for this area including so register for updates. Let me know if you need a bit more info on the area - happy to help!

  3. Hello Merry
    Thanks so much for your comment....Sorry not got back sooner but have been to France for 10 days.
    Yes, I do know about the Wear-House as I am going to have a room there!!! I am so excited but scared at the same time. Would love to meet you one day there and have a coffee in the beautiful court yard of the Wear House.
    Fantastic blog Merry, so enjoyable to see such desirable and stunning homes.
    Thanks again for thinking of me,
    viv x