Tuesday 21 September 2010

do you remember this?

A while ago I added a post about an art studio and office - and boy, it was nice (and I was uber jealous)....do you remember? Well the clients were kind enough to let us send the Border Oak photographer to their beautiful home and here are the lovely pics. And I am still uber jealous.

The inky grey of the stairs and the front door is so striking and fantastic - coincidentally we have just chosen a dark grey paint for the 'little barn' at Border Oak. Dramatic and moody, but surprisingly comfortable too.
With an office downstairs with exposed oak and slate floor and a lofty, light studio above. But it could also provide guest lodgings, holiday lets, a retail space or even a straightforward 2 bed cottage. So many options whirling through my little brain!
The paint splattered trug and pots perfectly reflect the landscape beyond - encapsulated by the country flowers on the table taken from the garden.
A wonderful building, finished beautifully and an excellent blend of purpose and aesthetics. And nice photos too! Like I said - UBER jealous.

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