Wednesday 2 February 2011

sorry for the delay - let me make it up to you with this lovely house

 Based on the Pearmain Cottage system (oak frame encase in SIPs) but with a brick outer face, this house is a large three bedroom cottage on a long and narrow  plot in a Conservation village in Herefordshire.

 With an uncluttered country atmosphere it has a simple and understated oak frame, perfectly balanced with oak joinery and a muted palette of natural materials and colours.

 The garden room has glass on threes sides and folding doors into the kitchen making the space flexible, light and interesting.

 The oak frame is quietly expressed throughout and gives a contemporary edge to what appears to be a traditional brick cottage - it also allows the interiors to flow without over dominating.

 We under took a complete build package for the lady who lives here - she even bought the site from us. So our typical attention to detail is prevalent - from the rounded shoulders of the fireplace to the dentil course brick work and lime mortar. We also provided a project manager.

Interestingly, there is no conventional hallway, it is simply open plan - which makes the sitting room very large but may not be to every ones taste - lord only knows what callers would make of me in my jim jams gaffawering big belly laughs at  My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding should they knock at our door one evening.  The P.J's may be from Toast and match the tonal spectrum of my Baileys Loft Sofas but you might still want a division between the Jehovah's Witnesses and the couch potato ........?

 How tidy is this utility room? Amazing! The roof light also floods the space with sunshine and will bean idea I definitely steal for my next house

A very pretty bedroom - with full height side walls (pearmains are usual 1 .5 storeys tall - this is two storey)

 And a posh en-suite over the sun room. Note the rounded ceiling lines.

the owner has also planted a lovely cottage garden  so that she can really benefit from all the glass. Wish I had space for a garden room............I know a lovely oak frame company who could build one!

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  1. That has to be one of the loveliest oak frame homes I have seen!