Wednesday 23 February 2011

NeC show house progress

It's all go go go at the mo mo mo - all hands on deck for the NEC show (did I tell you that we are building a whole house in three days?) Sorry, that sounds like a lyric from a terrible song.

Thought you might like an update on progress

Well the house is currently half up in our workshop (it is too tall to fit in so we will have to build it in two bits)

But it looks really great - sort of simple, modest and exciting all in one. Its bigger than I imagined but I don't think thats a bad thing- especially as it has a large home office/studio (to enhance the home working idea). The oak frame looks especially nice and very simple (which helps with the affordability angle)

I have been filling my time with sourcing items to go with it and trying to get publicity, brochures, exhibition material all prepared and ready. It is manic and to make matters worse/better its half term too. I feel very bad for my lovely children that I am pretty much tied to the laptop and not giving them the attention I should. If its not the laptop its the phone - you can tell I have been making lots of work calls because Min now answers the phone with an official sounding 'good morning, Minnie speaking'.

So far I have found a lovely kitchen, a fabulous woodburner and some amazing, local paint and a great stair runner made from Shetland undyed wool by Roger Oates All of them have very high sustainability credentials, most are local, all work really well and also look the part, so it should be exciting to see it come together in 4 weeks time. And most importantly all the companies were delighted to be involved with our innovative new product which is very encouraging.

I am hoping we will have our FSC accreditation and know the result of the FMB award by the time the show opens but most of all I am hoping the new Border Oak website will be up and running too - even if not fully complete. Watch this space! A sneaky peak below

better pop off now- so much to do....................

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