Thursday 10 March 2011

a sneak peak - more to show at the show

I am officially not very good at blogging, it has been so long since I gave you anything new to look at - but as an excuse we are all pretty busy at work getting ready for the NEC National Selfbuild Show (pretty busy = manic)
There is so much to do and so many things to remember. Building a whole house (and a brand spanking new never been built prototype house at that) in 5 days sounds so simple when you say it, but the reality is that it is a blimmin' crazy amount of work for everyone - but I think we will just about get it all together in the end.

One of my jobs is to sort out all the graphics, photos, portfolios etc and so last month I commissioned lots of new photographs. And one of the lovely projects was this gorgeous little barn. It may be small from the outside but seems so bright and spacious, surprisingly big too.
And if you fancy seeing more of this fabulous two bedroom, single storey oak framed barn you will have to come to the NEC  - call Border Oak for free tickets!

There is a Clearview Stove at the heart of this house - with an oven and hot plate too. We are having a Clearview Stove at the NEC showhouse too - we have worked with Clearview for more than 25 years and have one installed at the Border Oak office which heats the whole building using our own off cuts (ben and I have a CV here too - but he always forgets to bring me any wood.........)

I love the projection that gives the front an 'entrance' space - such a small addition that makes a huge difference to how the building functions

can you see the clever little stairs behind the kitchen? there is a bedroom in the vaulted space above the other bedroom and bathroom. It has open mullions to stop it feeling too enclosed. basically it is a 'bonus' room in the dead space which I think is a great way to stretch a small footprint

the main living room has a vaulted ceiling and so although the kitchen would be tiny if subdivided, the height of the room and the long vistas give a wonderful sense of space. The beautiful oak is wonderfully articulated in a space like this
lots of windows, a light stone floor, pale furnishings and the high ceilings  - all these make the space bright and airy. It would make an amazing holiday bolt hole -which is exactly what it is!

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