Tuesday 24 May 2011

is this a change too far

I found myself with an unexpected 10 minutes to play around with the blog. Ben is quite upset and his exact words were........'ooooh..........ohhhhhh..............ummmmmm...........no'.
But given that Ben is adverse to even the slightest impulse change of any description I thought I would check with my loyal band of readers.
What do you think? I'm not entirely happy with it myself but if you think change is good I will invest a bit of time making the blog more 'Merry' (or less merry if I am getting on your nerves). None of the standard templates really got me that excited to be honest. I think I was just bored and now look what has happened!
I know there must be a 'look' I can use but if you were all happy with the old layout, colours etc I will stick to that. 

do let me know


ps - I woke up this morning feeling decidedly unsure - so have reverted to white and will definitely work on something better. 
looks very similar to what I had in mind (I already have key and tape measure images that we have used in other brochures) - but obviously Border Oaky instead.
Better do some 'real work' now.


  1. It's a bit grey and perhaps the original was a lot brighter but I know what you mean about the options on Blogger. I used a standard profile for my blog www.therealselfbuildblogger.blogspot.com but it was a bit of Hobsons choice. When we can sell our present home we may consider a oak frame self build in your area as we have relatives around there.


  2. Hi Merry! I preferred the previous format...just much easier to scan down!

  3. Hey Merry, big fan of yours from Grand Designs here. There are much better designs over at wordpress.com if you are after a new look. (You can move your existing blog over.) Having said that, I like the change. Much more fresh and current. Kimberley.

  4. I find this format much harder going on my eyes..