Friday 13 May 2011

It's been too long!

Gosh, it feels like an age since I posted. A mixture of holidays and hard work have taken up the past couple of weeks and now I have so much to tell you. I will try to spread the news out over the next day or so.

As I write this I have Gardeners World on the TV in the background - for a good reason though. We've got a stand at Malvern this year, for the very first time. We have a beautiful potting shed and a circular gazebo on display and I spent the day there yesterday dodging the showers and admiring the show gardens.

And guess what? We won an award for our stand presentation! We didn't even know that the stands were judged so it came as a huge surprise to us all. Luckily a lady at the office has particularly green fingers and she has done a fabulous job. The judges said they loved our posh outbuildings and the simple palette of planting and gave us a few tips so that next year we might get a gold (apparently every plant pot must be hidden or covered). We did our best because we love making our exhibition stands look incredible but we really hadn't put specific effort into winning medals as such - because we didn't even know they would be inspecting us. Next time we will be prepared!

The Potting Shed also gained quite a following from garden designers and magazines and so watch this space for further developments. The gazebo was sold today for a Special Show Price of £4000. Pop over to the Malvern Spring Flower Show if you want to see what our wonderful craftsmen can achieve -its open until Sunday night.

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  1. Very pleased that you got a certificate at your first Malvern.
    It is always a fabulous show but this year I am unable to fit it in.
    Enjoy the buzz.