Thursday 30 June 2011

A handsome house and a funny story

Just a quickie because I am supposed to be changing the bed for the impending visit from Father in law (and also tweaking the new Border Oak website - getting more and more nervous that people won't like it though....eeek!)
I found these photos today, of a house that we are currently building, and was so tickled by how perfectly proportioned it was I thought I would share. Although it is quite large, it doesn't seem that imposing - more of a friendly face than a fame hungry celebrity I would say.
Its based on a design called Oakapple Court - which has been in our portfolio for about 25 years which I think puts it in the 'enduringly popular' category. And because the basic principles of design are spot on and the materials are the highest quality it will simply get better and better over the next 500 years. Which reminds me of a funny story.....
One of our designers met a planner, conservation officer and highways representative on a sensitive site we are hoping to buy. In the heart of a medieval village, with very delicate surroundings and a colourful history, we knew it would be contentious. When 'debating' the style of proposed homes the planner pointed to a little oak framed cottage next door  and bemoaned how wonderful the original oak frames are in comparison to 'new' houses. The conservation officer agreed and pointed to a range of barn conversions in the distance which he felt were intuitive, sensitive with a distinct sense of craftsmanship. They both felt these houses represented the type of design ethos we should aim for. Our designer tactfully pointed out that we converted the barns 20 years ago and built the perfectly pretty cottage a few years later. 

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