Sunday 10 July 2011

a barn tease

These lovely photos have just come in - a gorgeous oak 'lodge' in a garden.
I wanted to send the photos to the client first and so will show you the others next week after this little sneak peek. It's really very nice and interesting and I think you will love it. There are even chickens and an orchard..........and you know how I feel about orchards.
Hope you all had a great weekend - we went to two fabulous parties at two amazing houses (seriously amazing) and bizarrely met lots of Border Oak clients (and even sold a porch!) A bit tired now though so  better blogging next week.

 a lot of glass and a low profile...............
 I am a big fan of extra wide corridors and 'pointless' space (ie not designated to actually doing something) so this entrance corridor is right up my alley. And the huge windows bring in light and connect the external - imagine the passing seasons changing the light and atmosphere - lovely

and the main room is BIG - more to come next week


  1. I just love looking at the pictures you post for inspiration. Would it be too cheeky to ask if I could email you, and ask your opinion on our new build that is due to begin next week (eeek)
    Every joiner I speak to gives me different advice, I would be so grateful for your comments being "an old pro" so to speak, and in the business for a long time. Many thanks, Bev

  2. Hello - sorry I've been on holiday.
    yes of course you can email me at, and I would be happy to help if I can. best wishes