Wednesday 31 August 2011

oak frame garden room or oak framed sunroom?

I'm never sure what to call these rooms. I am pretty sure an oak frame conservatory has a glass roof  but what is the difference between an oak framed sun room and an oak framed garden room? mmm, there is probably a technical definition but I am going to call this a garden room because the couple have an amazing garden (you should see the veg plot!)

And I know that I really am spoiling you with posts this week - I have had lots of new Border Oak photos through recently - but these pics were too good to keep to myself. And I know I keep banging on about the new BBC series (To Build or Not to Build) but this house will be part of the series which starts on the 5th, BBC1 at 11am.

With glass on three sides and huge roof lights you can imagine how bright this space is - which must be amazing in combination with the vaulted ceiling and the large open arch to the kitchen.

This is a Clearview Stove - I have one at home and it is brilliant and we have two at the office (which has no central heating and is entirely heated by oak off cuts burnt on our Clearviews)

A wonderful open kitchen and living space with a great balance of oak framing and glass.

Having an oak truss on the return wall not only explains the oak structure of the garden room but also fills the connection space (between the house structure and the 'garden room') which would be tricky to visually link otherwise.

Isn't it lovely?
I am also trying to find a copy of Country Homes and Interiors as apparently we have a house in there (the little cottage I bored you all with at the beginning of the year) and Build It magazine also carries a Border Oak front cover this month. It seems that Herefordshire magazine distribution is about 3 weeks behind everywhere else, so the search continues!


  1. Now have serious house envy after watching To Build Or Not To Build, the Border Oak house was gorgeous, wish they had showed more if it. Xx

  2. Wasn't it pretty! Glad you liked it. x

  3. Yeah, there is probably a technical definition between an oak framed sun room and an oak framed garden room. Thanks for describe it.

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  4. Hi can you let me know the internal/external dimensions please?

  5. One of the nicest blog about oak frame garden. I also liked the images as well.