Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the open day interior photos

Sorry about the delay - I lost the memory stick.
Here are the internal photos of the Essex manor house that we were kindly lent to show prospective clients around a couple of weeks ago.
Beautifully finished, in a style that was very distinctive and yet so different to the usual 'contemporary rustic' I am accustomed to seeing. Such an honor to experience a wonderfully new home built using only the finest materials and craftsmanship and attention to detail inside and out.

A decorative newel feature - a friendly looking (well, I think he looks erudite and wise) dragon
Staircase made by Stuart Interiors, who incidentally worked on a huge house we built for a Russian family in Connecticut about 10 years ago.

Kitchen by Clive Christian

Lovely gallery windows

A pretty bathroom...........

............A manly bathroom (a copper bath, with black granite tiles edged with brass spacers)

One of my favourite interior details were the Border Oak oak doors - three plank doors with reeded beading, cleat nail heads and our blacksmith made latches. beautiful oak figuring and wonderfully made

It is impossible to describe the hall - it's the same size as an entire Pearmain cottage! Tall, grand, spacious, sunny with a floor to eaves window, open fire, extra wide staircase, vaulted ceiling. The lights you see are about 3ft tall.

Another lovely door, the front door this time - based upon our HQ office door. 2 inches thick, arched and beaded. Mmmmmm........
Of the 65 people that came, every single one of them admired the doors and the sheer impact of the hallway, quite incredible.

and finally the dining room.
Hope you have all enjoyed a sneaky peak behind the door of a super smart Border Oak manor house. I have some more photos lined up to bring you the very best of what we do.

have a lovely evening!

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