Wednesday 27 June 2012

old and new

Border Oak are 32 years old - so I guess we really can say, and prove,  that our houses get better with age. Not many houses from the 1970's and 1980's look as good as ours do (in my unbiased opinion of course). 

Much of this is to do with two things:
1. exceptional vernacular design - not necessarily a ye olde copy - but close attention to and understanding of proportion, scale, mass, pitch and architectural detail.
2. exceptional vernacular materials - slate, stone, oak, lime, clay, thatch etc . All of these weather beautifully and also suit one other in both traditional and contemporary designs (perhaps throw a bit of glass and metal in for contemporary? Or maybe use the materials in the 'wrong' place, eg cover a wall in slate? or use vertical boarding rather than horizontal?)

And this week these two pics have landed on my desk showing you a bit of old vs a bit of new

This Welsh farm house was built for David and Pat Austin - the inspirational creators of David Austin Roses - I think about 12 years ago. We later built the David Austin showroom and tea room in Albrighton, and later added a swimming pool barn to the left of the farmhouse.

All Border Oak clients are sent David Austin Roses by Border Oak as a house warming gift.

And this frame is currently under construction just down the road from the office, so is brand spanking new. The planning approval was granted after a lorry drove into the family home one evening, making it structurally uninhabitable. Luckily we helped them secure planning approval for a beautiful new replacement home, in a new location on the farm (away from the road - phew!). This is a good example of a complete project - design, planning, manufacture, construction etc etc - all within 10 miles as well.

I will post more pics of this house as it grows - and as it grows old too.

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