Wednesday 16 January 2013

1, 2, 3 - yippee!

Twenty thirteen has started brilliantly - we came back to work after the chrimbo hols to find three national awards waiting for us - THREE!! The best part is that the awards are for three very different houses/projects, in three very different locations and awarded by three different judging panels for the Federation of Master Builders. These awards are nominated by the clients, who must have been especially complimentary because the FMB awards a designed to recognise exceptional workmanship and customer service. The entire Border Oak team were honoured, surprised and a little bit overwhelmed to do so well. We knew we had amazing customers, but now we have proof!

Award winner No 1 - Best New Build

Award Winner No. 2  - Best extension and renovation

Award Winner No 3 - Best New Build

There is also a lovely article in Homebuilding and Renovating - about a client who built a little holiday cottage - with other articles coming soon in The English Home and Build It. 


  1. Well done! fabulous images. I dream of living in a house with so much light.

  2. Well done - it's lovely that you have received the recognition that you all deserve. I have only recently started to follow your blog, but I remembered the home you and Ben built from a few years back on Grand Designs.

    In the future, when we outgrow our little terraced house, it would be amazing to buy a Border Oak home. I have always been against living in modern houses as they seem to lack character, but Border Oak homes really seem to feel homely and have bags of character.