Friday 10 May 2013

A weather boarded cottage in the Welsh hills

It has been another crazy week - but all good fun.

I spent a wonderful day with a lovely client taking photos of her Border Oak home - built just over the Welsh border.

Now, styling photo shoots can be surprisingly stressful and tiring, although I have no idea why when the most you have to do is plump some cushions and arrange some flowers (well, there is a bit more too it, but its not exactly taxing). And sometimes the day is so rushed that you can't really stop to enjoy it all.

This particular day was not looking promising with the kind of weather that makes you want to emigrate and some flowers that died overnight. However our photographer has pulled proverbial magic trick out of the hat (I can't remember the exact metaphor) and the results are stunning.

And it has to be said that the main reason I had a good time, was the owner - who was lovely, accommodating, interesting/interested, a willing victim (no one likes having their photo taken after all) and also made us a yummy lunch (we usually scoff biscuits and crisps all day - this time we had quiche, salad, cake (hmmmmm!) and endless tea). But to top it off we were working with a great interior, a compliant dog (happy to be bribed with biscuits), three photogenic little people and an atmospheric back drop - complete with sheep and a stormy sky.  Photo shoots don't get better than that!

Here are a few sneak pics, more to follow next week........

Based on a "Halfpenny Cottage" but weatherboarded. The solar panels heat water and the 'barn' type extension provides a lot of extra space.

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