Tuesday 16 April 2013

do you want to know what I have been up to?

I know, I know - I am the worlds worst blogger.

There is a really good reason why I have been so quite  - I promise - but I can't actually tell you anymore just yet. You will definitely be the first person I do tell though. It's quite exciting - but like all exciting journeys there is a gammut of hoops to jump through and roller coasters to ride before the good stuff starts.

So to keep you ticking over in a heightened sense of faux anticipation I will share with you a few other things:

Firstly a new design for a larger 'Artisan' type home - what do you think?

Secondly a link to my own pinterest boards - full of images I have seen and liked for one way or another
There is also a Border Oak pinterest  site full of photos - have a look and repin if you have mood boards there too.

And thirdly some advance notice of new photos and news about a potential open day coming next week.

In the meantime I have two houses to style and photograph, an open day to organise, a cottage to renovate and two magazine articles to write (not to mention lobbying my local council against their proposed local plan and infrastructure levy, I won't bore you here)- all on top of the the Top Secret secret. No wonder I have no time to do the blog, let alone feed my children. 

PS A correction/apology for the 'Delightful Cotswold Cottage' post I wrote about in March (the lovely house that featured in 25 Beautiful Homes). I should have included the clients website when I wrote about the cottage. A very talented and creative lady who makes beautiful handbags and accessories - please have a look at her website - www.miloandsaint.com 


  1. Just wondered which colour you used on your kitchen units?

  2. Thanks!

    I have been searching for the a muted' shade of grey/palest egg forever...

  3. My kitchen units are a mixture of blue, cream and grey........but I don't know the exact colour. The pale gray we used here is based on Paint Library Slate II I think. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful - it was eight years and two children ago and I am useless at remembering things! Good luck with the search!


  4. Thank you Merry. It's really helpful! I came across your blog as I was googling Border Oak and inspiration for our place (as you do). We are in the process of renovating (gutting, more to the point), a Cotswold cottage and building an oak and glass extension. Exciting times! I really love a simple, with a bit of an edge aesthetic...with lots of natural materials...Rather like living in a Baileys/Daylesford interior, you know. Your cottage looks lovely! I think we have similar taste...

    Out of interest what sort of blues and shades of cream did you use?

    By the way, on the 'secret' news front, I have a feeling you are going to tell all about a new house......very excited!


  5. Hi Nicola - I literally dream about living in a Daylesford/Baileys blend house....I might even one day, maybe, perhaps, soonish, possibly might try to do just that (you seem very good at guessing secrets?)

    The kitchen cream colour is quite pure (ie it doesn't have any tint) and I would say it is similar to F &B Matchstick. The blue is harder to describe but is quite pale and greyish. I will try to find a colour match and let you know. The kitchen is by DeVol and so they may have new versions of the same colours?
    Your own project sounds wonderful by the way - I would love to see/hear more about it. Exciting times.

  6. Well, I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you...will say no more...will check your blog so please keep us posted! Thanks again for the colour info. I really enjoy all this sort of thing. We have been waiting for 4 years to do this - as took so long to find the right plot. But it was worth it. The house is in a hamlet in a hidden valley, near Tetbury. We are renting an erm, functional house I guess, in the meantime, so getting quite excited at the prospect of having our own home by Christmas....Your colours sound lovely...Its lovely to have a soothing, hopefully stylish, calm home, especially when you have little ones - we have 3!!! I have sent our plans to DeVol in the past week so await their designs with bated breath....
    Really lovely to talk to you...will keep in touch! Nicola x