Tuesday 27 August 2013

ha! finally got back into the blog

OK - sorry for the silence. I have no excuses. I forgot my password to access the blog - so changed it, to something I thought I would remember, but then promptly forgot the second password (I confused it with my Zara password, which is different to the Paypal password, my work password, Facebook password, Smile banking password etc etc). Silly really.

But I have also been very busy with lots of other projects such as an exciting new brochure, Gabriel about to start school, new projects at work, holidays by the sea and oh, just the little matter of our planning application. If only it was a little matter........

I wish I could tell you all about the planning app now - but as it is still live on Herefordshire Council's website and not all the consultation has been received I think it best to try and let it run through the process and reach a conclusion before I start gabbling on. All I will say is that it has turned out to be unexpectedly and extremely stressful and upsetting  - but also a valuable 'life lesson' that I think will be a positive in the long run (cryptic eh?) For every dark moment there have been an equal number of silver linings (and lovely ones at that), which are all the more touching when you feel that everything is going wrong. It is so easy to get bogged down by a negative minority, but I am trying to remember that the phrase 'those who shout the loudest' has never been more important than now. And as I have a long memory I will make sure that I use everything I have learnt during this episode and turn all the negatives into good energy somewhere along the line.

I promise that I will give you a lot more detail and the whole run down as soon as the application is decided - one way or another. Unless you all really want to hear about it now.........???

Anyway, enough about me - I really wanted to share these photos with you. We all really love this at the office.

It's a great extension project we completed last year, a large vaulted oak framed room added to a beautiful flint, oak and brick house (listed of course) in a fantastic conservation area village. It has already won a LABC award and a Conservation Award which is exciting and a just reward for the hard work and vision of the owner.

I really admire the 'soft' approach chosen to link the two structures - it is an engineered glass link that leaves the original host building unaltered and visually obvious, but is still practical and allows light to flood in.

A wide opening connects the two structures and gives a simple contemporary feel whilst respecting the older structure and showcasing the craftsmanship of the new.

The fire and 'electronics' are hidden into niches which reduce the clutter and are a neat and modern approach that I will be stealing - sorry 'borrowing' - one day.

I really like this project and hope you do too - in many ways it reminds me of a certain design currently in the planning process...........

PS we have just heard that another of our projects will be filmed by Channel 4 for the next series of Building the Dream (the first hasn't aired yet, but we have a few houses on there in one way or another) very exciting! Here is the link to the blog being written by the client. Can't wait to watch the house grow


  1. Good to see you back! I'd put it down to the school holidays, actually.... And yes, of course it would be lovely to hear all about the new project, but not if it puts the planning process in jeopardy. Good luck with it. Can't wait till you can spill the beans! If it's anything like the above it'll be worth the wait.


  2. Have faith Merry...you will find a way around it!! Good luck!

    Such exciting times, our own house project (read complete rebuild!), has been an emotional rollercoaster, especially during the last couple of months...so I feel your pain. Fingers crossed for everything ...Nicky x

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