Monday, 16 September 2013

Herefordshire Art week

Each Sept Herefordshire comes alive with creative ideas, open studios, exhibitions and sales, under the collective HArt week. If you were driving through the county you would see the bright pinks signs everywhere, directing you to the arty little studios and interesting exhibition spaces.

One of my favorites to visit is Discoed Church - where the quality of building is matched by the standard of art work for sale. Quite incredible really and very inspirational.

I almost bought this painting (above) of a lovely church interior - in water colour and pen. It is by Simon Dorrel and we have another painting of his that we bought a few years ago at the same exhibition (it covers our heating control box perfectly!)
But as his prices have doubled (eeek!) we couldn't really justify the purchase.....we are still sort of hoping that we need to keep saving in case we build another house.....but that is another story!

I also really liked all of these painting - and for prices between £80 - 120 I thought they were very reasonable. But Ben wasn't with me so I couldn't make a decision and left without them sadly.

But I also love the surroundings, including this porch and the ancient yew tree in the church yard

And next door to the church is this  house, restored, rebuilt and extended. It is quite wonderful.

And the barn next to the house was open for HArt week too - John Nethercotts HQ  - and he had some lovely bits on display, including these benches and oak bowls

But I loved this old oak chair that was sitting outside next to some onions with a fabulous stone wall behind - I don't think it was for sale.

I only had my iphone so this pic is terrible - but the barn had an open section in the middle which gave not only shelter and space, but also provided a glimpse through to the landscape either side.

A rusty old handrail caught my eye

especially when juxtaposed with the modern glass and steel main door

Another lovely old chair that had been weathered

And some good Herefordshire stone work

I love the stone and gutter but also the little window with a stone lintel and sloping slate (and who would have thought a fig tree would prosper on a windy welsh hill?)

And what did I actually buy at HArt week???

A hand thrown mug of course

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  1. Great photos! Upper House is now available as a self catering holiday let - Forthcoming exhibition at St Michael's Church - The Way of the Wilderness opens 2 March 2014