Saturday 30 November 2013

Border Oak Cottage

I thought you might like to see the photographs of a fantastic Border Oak cottage taken a few months ago. A bespoke Border Oak classic design - combining some elements of Pearmain Cottage with exposed oak framing, brickwork and weatherboard, and the fabulous oak porch to complete the look.

 Mr W, the owner,  first contacted Border Oak many years (and many self build shows) ago when the project was to be more of a batchelor pad for a successful, young graphic designer. But the future Mrs W soon came into the picture and the cottage now really represents the very happiest of 'happy-ever-afters' - a beautiful new home to begin married life. I hope many many lovely memories are created here - Mr and Mrs W deserve it after all the hard work and energy that they have lavished on this pretty home.

An external boiler or air source heat pump?

Love the punch of colour coming from the fridge and the light

maintaining a 'view through' always helps a cottage feel larger - enabling you to see from one end of the house to another

ground floor bathroom

A vaulted ceiling - what oak framing does best.

I love shots of the stairs like this

 One of the two spare rooms - just shows that contemporary design and oak framing still work well

The bath is modern, but with a lovely organic shape so not harsh or gimmicky - and it very cleverly allows you to see a lot of floor and therefore makes the room feel spacious. The pillar tap also means two people can share the bath without one person ending up with the tap end.

A really great self build project by the owners, with an immaculate finish and excellent attention to detail - I hope you like it too.


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  2. Hi what render did you use and great window colour, what is it please