Thursday 28 November 2013

so this is what we have done so far at the cottage

just a quickie to give you a progress update........

exposed brickwork - isn't it lovely

perhaps a bit black in places?

But already it looks better

carpets have been ripped out - I was debating keeping the floor boards exposed, but there are quite a lot of holes......

there's a hole

bathroom - GONE!

kitchen cleared out

sitting room door blocked up

so you can now see from the kitchen to the front door - light, spacious and oh so simple

and you can see from the front door to the back garden - which will be even more dramatic once the rear extension is built

the only way to the kitchen was through the sitting room - not any more!

but this is where the big change is - look how much space we have discovered - I won't tell you what else we discovered though......

And it will be worth all the upheaval when you realise that this is the view you could wake up to - gorgeous!
 oh and there is a post about some oak framing coming next - seemed sensible to include a bit of wood given that we flog oak frames?

good night!

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