Saturday 24 July 2010

home sweet home

Just a quick post before I pop over to my parents house for my little sisters 30th Birthday.

This morning I met a lovely couple who built a large Border Oak house in a nearby village - on a great plot that they have totally transformed. I had popped over to chat about the Homebuilding and Renovation awards (they are going to wait and enter next year to give the garden time) but we got talking about my parents house and how Border Oak started.

And so I thought I would post a photo of my parents house - the first Border Oak house, and the first full oak frame made since the mid 1700's we think. It probably isn't what people imagine and it certainly doesn't look new - but it was where I was brought up and I LOVE it. What do you all think?

p.s. we are thinking about having an open day here at my own home to show a 'normal' Border Oak family home (after the TV programme we have been inundated with enquiries!) Would people really want to look at our little cottage with its garden full of toys and scribbles on the wall? Might be worth a try?


  1. Hi, I love your parents house, it looks like it's been there for centuries. I've been watching My Flat Pack home since you mentioned it was on, the Border Oak home was stunning, ever since I saw your episode on Grand Designs, I've loved them, Im sure I'm supposed to build one, just need to find the right plot here in Cardiff!!
    I think an open day would be a great idea, especially as like you say it would be shown as a normal family home!!! Good luck if you do!!
    Claire x

  2. Hi Merry,

    I would also like to add that an open day would be a great idea - you can put my name down on the list!

    I first came across Border Oak on Grand Designs too, and it was love at first sight. As yet, no suitable plot has been forthcoming, but I keep looking and one day....maybe our next house.

    So please hold your open day - I think people would appreciate it all the more if it was a real family home. Show houses are great, but they are not real life, they are not part of the family and don't show memories. Houses are about how we live, about family, about us and a show house just won't cut it for me!

    If or hopefully when you decide to open up your house, please give us plenty of notice so I can book time off if needs be, as I am about as far east as Border Oak is west!

    Love the blog, please keep it up, I get very excited when my reader shows a new post from you.


  3. Totally agree with the above comments, I think it's a great idea, a house isn't a home without toys in the garden and scribbles on the walls!

    My husband is sold on Border Oak but is thinking slightly further down the line than me so I'm hoping seeing one as a family home might just speed things up a bit!

    Sophie x

  4. Hi yes an open day would be great! put my name down!

    Steph x

  5. Beautiful! You are so fortunate to have grown up there.