Monday 19 July 2010

watch Border Oak on SKY TV tonight - monday 19th july

We have just heard that the long awaited 'My Flat Pack Home' series will start tonight on SKY TV

Virgin 265 or Sky 246 at either 9.00pm or 10.00pm UK TV Homes.

Presented by Amanda Lamb it will follow the build of one of our oak framed houses. I don't have Sky but will try and find a clip that I can upload here and will be badgering my friends with Sky to see if I can borrow their sofa. It is going to be so exciting! The Border Oak website hits have already rocketed.

We have three different oak framed houses being shown on these dates below. We are so very lucky to have some lovely customers who don't mind the TV cameras following their dream home being created- watch the series if you can- it sounds great!

19th July

28th July

3rd August


  1. wish i had sky too :(, maybe they will show it on 'ordinary' telly aswell later on ?.

  2. If they do put it on normal tv I will let you know - maybe I could get a copy of the footage from the makers? I'll do my best!

  3. my dad was a joiner and clerk of works in the building trade. "In my day" he would say, "we were so proud of our work, we would put our initials on it..... " After viewing new houses for sale in scotland around the£400 thousand mark, I don't think there would be many initials on them. Watching sky tv. the other night I thought... there is a house with initials... how do I get one of those!!!!