Sunday 24 October 2010

Autumn photo's

I'm getting ready for two days of photo shoots and always try to fill up on inspiration and ideas beforehand. In searching through my desktop I stumbled across these pics which seem to bring an 'essence of autumn'?

This week is crazy busy with two birthday parties to do (Min asked for an enchanted woodland tea party so the house is full of toad stool stuff!), general half term chaos, a day at work and the landscaping of the temporary show house etc etc so please forgive me for not blogging much. I will make it up to you!

Photos are:
Top left - One of my favorite 'fire' shots taken at a great Border Oak barn two years ago - I love the photos from that day
Top R - Taken in the workshop, a little capsule of the carpenters day to day life, the teaspoon obviously hadn't been used in years as it was thick with sawdust.
Bottom L - an arrangement on a mantle including a printers block, hedgerow flowers, earthenware jug and pine cone - styling on a shoestring!
Bottom R - I can't take credit for this, it was arranged by a very talented customer - very autumnal........


  1. Hi Merry, I was just wondering when the show house is going to be ready and also whether you were still planning on having an open day at your own home? My friend and I are so excited about coming up for a visit!

  2. Hi there,
    Well, we have changed the plans slightly because a client has kindly offered Border Oak the opportunity to have an open day at his project on Dec 11th. We are just finalising the logistics now but his site is in Odiham in Hampshire. It will be a lovely project to visit as he has three barn style homes built as a courtyard with a mixture of brick, weatherboard, oak and glass. Please call the office if you would like to receive an invite.

    His will be the first Open Day because it suits his own timsecales better and then mine will probably be the 3rd weekend in January? We do have the little showhouse cottage ready now (and will open this with mine). I was there yesterday taking photos and will post them next week but it looked very sweet and hopefully will show what we do and the quality of our work.

    The large eco show house will hopefully start in January too - we have been so busy building 'real' houses that there was no spare capacity to do our own - but we hope to have it up and running by the early summer.

    Hope you are well, look forward to seeing you very soon.

  3. Hi Merry, We would love to come to the open day in Odiham as we too are from Hampshire. I have never seen a Border Oak home in the flesh and am desperate to see one. We actually are in the process of purchasing a plot in Hampshire and have already had Ewart out to see it, it's just taking so long to get things finalised as we are having some problems agreeing access with the neighbour!! Very frustrating but I am trying to be patient. Can't wait to see what you have done with the showhouse. Ellen

  4. Hello Ellen
    I will make sure we send you the invitation - can you let me know your surname so Trudy can access your details. I am meeting Trudy tomorrow to discuss the Open Day details and invites can then be posted/emailed. best wishes and see you there!

  5. Hi Merry, That would be great, my surname is Challis. Could we possible have another invitation for our friends as they too would love to see a Border Oak? Thanks so much Ellen