Monday 4 October 2010

more workshop photos

Chisels, drawknifes, plumb lines, vices..........and sawdust.

each frame is given an individual set of 'tags' which are based on roman numerals. These are inscribed by hand once the frame is made, test assembled and approved. The tags can help identify each piece and also aid the erection crew as the tags are sequential - ie XI, XII, XIII. No two frames will ever have the same tags and each carpenter will devise his own 'alphabet'. Beautiful inside the home don't you think?
The Border Oak workshops are big enough to test assemble whole oak frames inside - the frames aren't sent to site until they are perfect.

We make a lot of sawdust - some is collected by a local man who smokes award winning salmon.
and the carpenters also sharpen all their own tools - a very satisfying job I think. I wonder if I could do my kitchen knives on that?

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