Thursday 28 July 2011

I'm back now

We have been on holiday to glorious Tuscany, where there was not even the teeniest jot of oak framing anywhere. How odd.

But there was lots of wine, pasta and olive groves which more than made up for it.
I am now getting back into the swing of things and my list of to do's looks like this (not in any order should the people awaiting my action on a particular task worry about their numerical placement - I will get everything done one way or another..........)

1. Border Oak website (so nearly ready yet so far from finished)
2. Christmas cards (so far away yet why such a rush to get them done?)
3. Artisan chocolate supplier (just so delicious)
4. Photoshoots (so fun to do but such a lot of time away from the office)
5. New Border Oak mugs (so not at all crucial)
6. Cottage portfolio brochure (so hanging over me)
7. Garage brochure (so needed)
8. Country Cabin photoshoot (just such the the cutest little Border Oak house you ever did see) for a book called 'my cool cabin' which is a very cool book, full of cool cabins.
9. The Border Oak magazine - which was a newsletter and has morphed into a full colour 36 page production, all in house - thank heavens for Hannah!!

plus a load of other stuff that I can't remember.

Oh and have a look at these sneak peaks of a beautiful house about to feature in Ideal Home magazine (out in Sept I think). Gorgeous. And we also have a house in Country Homes and Interiors (do you remember my little oak framed cottage?) and a case study in Homebuilding & Renovating and two in Build It. I will let you know when they are out and you can rush to the shops - hey, why not add it to your list of things to do!

PS The long awaited 'To Build or Not to Build' starts on BBC 1 in Sept - with 4 of our houses featured. Very Excited.
PPS We now have a Border Oak Design and Construction Face book page  -
so please like us if you do indeed like us.

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