Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Border Oak house love

Whenever new photos come in there is a general buzz around the Border Oak office. We love seeing photos of houses, not just finished houses but ones being built, ones with builders in (no builders bums now though - health and safety saw an end to that) insides, outside - pretty much anything (although even I glaze over at shots of service ducts or foundation trenches).
So I thought I would share a few of our new pics here too. Many of these houses will feature on our new website and in our new magazine (both ready for the autumn) with a bit more background to each of the projects, so I thought I would just tease you with a small selection here........

I would love to know your thoughts and what type of house interests you most - I am missing a good set of maor house images, but this year we have built /or building about a dozen so hopefully I can commission more photos next year to fill the portfolio gaps.

The first image (above) is of a lovely little holiday cottage built in the woods - deceptively spacious inside thanks to vaulted ceilings and other clever tricks

This is part of a weatherboarded barn tucked behind an old orchard - with very funky ambience lightling that turns the whole house blue and pink - a 'first' for a Border Oak project I think!

Hannah and I travelled up to Cheshire see this next house a few weeks ago and help the photographer with a bit of styling/assisting - this amazing plot  used to have a bungalow on it which Border Oak secured planning to knock down and replace with this farmhouse. Impressive and jealous making......

Their kitchen was huge with sliding folding doors at one end creating three walls of glass - over looking a private and huge garden. Why are there no plots like round here (well, none that we can afford, or that are even for sale........)

Although the planners restricted the ridge height (but I guess you could argue they did allow a huge increase in ridge height compared to the original bungalow?) the vaulted ceilings inside give a delicious sense of volume and space.

Next up is a  gorgeous Pearmain Cottage variation - but made much larger with an increased width hallyway, rear extension and adjoining barn (with a self contained annex and large studio room).

It is hard to imagine a time when Border Oak didn't build 'Pearmain Cottage' houses - the first (which featured on Grand Designs) was builtt in 2001/2002. It was my first home and my first as Mrs A - which means I have been married for 10 years next week. 10 years?? How can that happen? But to think that all the other lovely people who have built Pearmain Cottages watched and loved our first home together is both humbling and touching. So a huge sentimental 'thank you' to all you Pearmainites across the UK- you know who you are!

and finally, another star of TV  - this beautiful house featured on 'My Flat Pack Home'. Viewers didn't get to see the completed house, but I can now reveal that the interior is actually stunning and the outside simply amazing. Another incredible plot that I will never find.........

And how sweet is the blue Gypsy caravan to the right of the house. I really want something like this or a shepherds hut or railway carriage. I will add it to my 'I really want' list (which is ridiculously long already)

I thought the hallway was especially architetcturally interesting - just the right balance of oak framing and natural textures without being too cliched or faux medieval.

And I really like their utility room, with the painted stable door, granite work top and clothes airer.

 I have an obession with utility rooms at the moment - my fantasy utility room in my fantasy home that I am fantasy building on a fantasy orchard is pretty fantastic I'll have you know. Maybe we will one day build it and maybe even go on Grand Designs again (if they would have us!) ............??

p.s. the Border Oak face book page is up and running - we would love you to 'like' us if you have time and want to stay in touch with our news.

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