Monday 22 August 2011

bits and bobs from my download files

Green oak frames will shrink slightly as they adjust to the ambient moisture level both inside and outside. This is why the quality of oak, the way the frame is made and the panel is works with are crucial. In fact shrinkage is actually part of the house becoming stronger - as the joints close in on each member and the oak peg. But this also means that there will be some cosmetic 'snagging' required after a certain period of time (usually a summer and a winter with the heating working). 
And luckily if you have a Border Oak house, built by us, you get the wonderful Border Oak snagging service we provide to fill in all the little plaster 'pulls' and other settlement issues associated with a new oak frame.  Dave is the brilliant chap who visits the houses to work on the fiddly little bits and bobs. He is very very good and very very knowledgeable about all things Border Oaky. And fortunately for me rather than having a tea break in the van he nips round with a camera to keep me up to date with the 'just completed' projects. 
While I was clearing up my desktop (I was supposed to be finding photos for the new website - ooh, only a few weeks to go!) I came across these projects and thought (although they are not professional images and are far from perfectly landscaped), they were an interesting cross section of Border Oak projects. 

A large house with a mixture of influences - quite Arts and Crafts really?

I am looking forward to seeing this thatched house in a few months time once the landscaping has taken shape and the personal touches have been applied. A good representation of the flexibility of the Pearmain range

A Halfpenny Cottage on a fabulous plot - views to die for

The rear has a lovely little glazed addition - I love the long vertical glazing bars.

Lily Cottage - sweet and clever how the eaves sweep so low to diminish the volume of the house.

This is the side of the house - a mix of glass, weatherboard, brick, stone and a touch of render. Another Pearmain variation........

........And another.......

and finally a lovely little thatched gem.

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