Monday 14 November 2011

scenes from the weekend

On Saturday Border Oak held an open day at a small development of houses we have built in a nearby market town called Presteigne.
The 'townhouses' are a terrace of 6 two bedroomed properties, with handmade brick and render externals and slate roofs. They are constructed from super insulated softwood timber frames designed by us and made a mile away - you can't get more sustainable than that! Although there is no oak framing as such, the 'fingerprint' of Border Oak is very apparent in the finishing and attention to detail and the workmanship overall.
It is very unusual for us to be involved in a 'development' such as this, but Presteigne is a fabulous tiny town and the position of the houses is amazing - opposite the church,on a quiet and pretty Georgian street, with the dramatic Powys hills in the distance.
It was a very busy day with a mixture of people coming to have a look - neighbours, developers, investors, potential purchasers and passers by. We even had some existing and past Border Oak clients and it is always lovely to see them and catch up. And it was so great that every single person commented on how well built the houses were and how impressed they were with the finish and detail which made me proud to  work for Border Oak.

Here are some images - not great pics sorry, but it was a bit busy to get a clear view - I will pop over and take some more soon.

If you want more information on these town houses please contact the agents Jackson International ( 01568 610 600

prices between £167,500 and £169,500

Handmade bricks and sash windows - the glazing bars are as thin as we could get made on double glazed units - but worth the effort I think.

The first floor has a vernacular overhang, which can be seen along the existing street scene on the original properties - we had special decorative brackets made to 'brace' the overhang and made the feature as visually authentic as possible (but without being too pastiche). And the guttering is a brilliant plastic version Border Oak often use as an affordable option - with detailed profile and a textured finish so not too shiny - it looks like cast iron.

We also had special door surrounds made - a replica of a local example - which will be painted a very dark green or dark dark grey.

A simple run of town houses - light, warm, low energy, low maintenance and inexpensive. It makes me wonder why Housing Associations, developers etc don't go the extra mile? £167,500 for all of this is amazing value and maybe the start of something at Border this space!

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