Tuesday 22 November 2011

nice bits and bobs from DeVol

Some of you will already know that I am a loyal customer of devol, who make splendid painted kitchens, using traditional techniques and lovely attention to detail.  They have since worked with lots of Border Oak customers over the last 10 years (ssshhh, don't tell anyone but they are one of our 'black book partners', offering Border Oak customers a very unique discount and service).

DeVol  made both of my kitchens and we have been delighted with the quality and the overall ambience of what they do - and I am quite fickle when it comes to 'styles' so it is a credit to DeVol that the units have never caused me any bother - I did change the knobs on mine a few years ago but DeVol have since used my knob (no sniggering please) as the template for their bespoke metal handles . This year they launched  a new very affordable 'Shaker' range of kitchen units (It was in the NEC Artisan House and you will be pleased as punch with the prices) but also a range of rustic kitchen accessories - here are a few of my favorite pieces from their lovely range.

I could find a corner of my house for any of these subtle, practical and beautiful items. Could you?

P.S. next year we launch our own Border Oak accessories - I will keep you posted!

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