Sunday 13 November 2011

did you win the lottery last night?

I don't play the lottery - and would lose the ticket or forget to check the numbers even if I did - but this house is the kind of 'lady luck' purchase that a certain type of lottery winner might buy.........not my cup of tea (I am trying to be a polite as possible) but it is certainly very well built by master craftsmen from the finest materials available (and with an unwavering dedication to authentic replica interior design of unqualified historical merit).

Yes, Border Oak made and erected the wonderful oak frame (one of our largest ever frames - only slightly smaller than our Japanese projects) - and the whole house comes complete with the most extravagant home security that money can buy (the master suite turns into a bolted 'safe room' should disaster befall). And all of this can be yours (including 1 acre of landscaped grounds -just the one) for ............................£15 MILLION!!!! Crikey, as Minnie would say (Minnie, by the way, thinks this house is amazing and beautiful).

P.S why would a house so focused on cutting edge security be on Rightmove (put a search in for Radlett) complete with Google Map link and extraordinary price tag, and feature in The Telegraph newspaper? Surely a half computer literate 'naughty man' using a stolen laptop and nicked iPhone will be jotting this down in his 'borrowed' note pad and preparing his balaclava? How the other half live eh?

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