Wednesday 16 September 2009

h.Art week in Herefordshire

My week has just been so hectic - I thought I would be twiddling my thumbs with Min at school but things are never as you think are they...........?If I had a spare day I would be off exploring the amazing venues that are open for h.Art week (a celebration or Herefordshire art and crafts) and thinking about what to buy if I had a surprise windfall. 

I think the Charles McCarthy painting would have to come home with me (please) and maybe a Jenny Crisp log basket (I couldn't find a photo of a log basket  - lemons yes, but no logs!). The Rachel Pritchard pod is gorgeous (she used to work with Ben) and I think I quite like the Hazel Gwatkin infra red photo but would need to check it out to be certain...........

There are also some amazing paintings and drawings by Simon Dorrell (editor of Hortus Magazine no less!) that are calling to me and I have my beady eye on some 'everyday' plates and bowls. Maybe time to start playing the lottery..................

oh and I almost forgot to mention the contemporary oak cubes made by Border Oak for h. Art week - and they look great in the setting if I say so myself!

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