Monday 10 May 2010

a des res for a dove or two?

You may remember my cousin, who made the marvelous Border Oak model whilst recovering from breaking his leg? Well he has started making some amazing 'mini' frames and other bits and bobs, using his fantastic oak framing skills and left over oak - including this beautiful bird's house. He has made a brilliant version based on the Pearmain Cottage porch, which has proved to be very popular (I will get a photo and post here) and also some useful oak plant tag things (you know, oak thingys you stick in the ground to identify the plant).

The Birds Houses start at around £380 and the plant things (I will remember their name at some point) are about £9 for 5 I think. Let me know if anyone is interested, all are made to order and are beautifully crafted, even with oak shingles on the roof and pegged joints like a real Border Oak house - nothing at all like your typical garden centre job.

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