Saturday 8 May 2010

the key

The key on the topper is the actual key to my parents house - I know, it's ridiculous really. About 9 inches long and as heavy as Minerva, it's not exactly something you can pop in your pocket - but the good point is that its hard to lose.
Mum and Dad's house was the very first Border Oak home, built more than 3 decades ago - which makes Border Oak the oldest oak frame company in the world. Dad prefers to say 'knowledge and experience' rather than old. They still live there but now, thankfully have a much smaller front door key.

This year we are all celebrating Border Oak's 30th anniversary and I will hopefully bring you various 'vintage' snippets over the next few months as I rummage through our old photos and press cuttings - I think I even have a pic of Princess Anne at a Border Oak show somewhere.

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