Wednesday 12 May 2010

More of the cottage

As promised, here are some more photos of the Border Oak cottage we are building - just for fun!
When it is finished we will definitely have an open weekend so everyone can come and see the dinky little thing (actually it doesn't feel that small now the rooms are screeded and more proportional).
My next task is lighting - now here is the (my ) problem.........
My own natural leaning is towards semi industrial/reclaimed/nautical looking lights or perhaps fine hand crafted porcelain - both of which, of course, are expensive. Now, the cottage will probably be sold at some point and it's not my money I am spending so who is to say that the eventual owner will even like or appreciate my choice in top end British made lights? Therefore do I do the sensible thing and go for inoffensive, run of the mill stuff (ie not -at - all- expensive) and just get over myself? Hmm.......dilemma.

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